Online Voice Lessons? Not a Problem!

The world has changed immensely since March 2020, affecting lives in every field of work, including those in the music industry. Live entertainment is not much of a thing in these pandemic times, but luckily, artists are creatively gifted and have learned to adjust.

If you are a music student or teacher attending lessons online, or a performer preparing to livestream, it is important to have a nice sound quality with little to no buffering. There may always be some audio delay, but being in a location where the internet connection is strongest, preferably a room with no metal ceiling, will cut down on connectivity issues.

As for sound, if you are one of the millions of people utilizing zoom for your music lessons, make sure to check your audio settings for the best sound quality possible.

Open your settings in Zoom and locate your preferences. Then, turn off the option that says, “automatically adjust microphone volume,” and check the “Advanced” button in the bottom right corner. Finally, select, “Enable Original Sound,” for your microphone, and your settings are ready for your next Zoom session.

For artists making videos of their music or live-streaming, ensure everything within your camera frame appears professional. Have a nice background, such as a black backdrop or a wall without many decorations. Record in a clutter free space, being mindful of an unmade bed or dirty clothes laying around; and if at all possible, try to stay away from recording videos in a kitchen, hallway, or any other room that can visually or acoustically distract from your performance.

Though going almost exclusively virtual is not ideal for a performer, these small sacrifices to be made are much better than giving up your craft altogether. One day, we will all have made it through this unprecedented time, hopefully having grown as artists and as humans. Take this season as an opportunity to practice, learn, rest, and ready yourself for what is to come.

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