Sick of Being Sick? Healing Home Remedies for Your Voice!

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

We’ve all been there- you’re sick, worn down, and your voice is not up to the par it usually is, but don’t worry! Though healing doesn’t happen overnight, we have some simple and effective home remedies you can do to help your voice heal in no time!

1. Rest

First step is to rest your voice! Our voices don’t have the luxury of resting as often as they should, so while you’re sick, make sure to take the time to do so. Avoid using your voice as much as you can. Talking loudly and even whispering can have negative effects on your voice by causing it to strain so less really is more! Talking in a normal speaking voice is the best way if you need to!

2. Warm Water

With talking to a minimum, drinking water as much as you can helps! Staying hydrated helps keeps your vocal cords hydrated in turn. To spice up drinking water a little bit, add some honey! Warm water with a little bit of honey and/or lemon mixed in can do wonders! Honey coats the throat and the acidity of the lemon helps to exude any phlegm that is in your throat.

3. Teas

Some other flavorful drinks that can help soothe your voice are warm teas! A few of the best teas to help soothe a sore throat are ginger, peppermint, chamomile, and licorice root. Just like water with honey helps, it helps to put honey in your tea as well. Lots of these can reduce inflammation, soothing your sore or irritated throat.

4. Steam

In addition to hydrating and resting your voice, opening it up to some steam can really help! Humidifiers or even the steam from a hot shower can help you breathe a little better and open up your throat and nasal cavities to breathe a little better. If anything, it can provide some relief!

These simple remedies can help soothe and heal your voice from the comfort of your own home. Rest up, hydrate up, and your voice will be up to normal in no time!

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