Coping with Writer’s Block

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

As a songwriter, writer’s block can be immensely frustrating for an artist. You may have a clear idea in mind for the vibe and melody, but are at a loss for poetically expressive lyrics that lack intentionality. Alternatively, your melody might be bland while your lyrics are groundbreaking.

The thing to remember is that nothing is ever in vain—keep everything you write! Write something everyday without critiques. Many songs I have written were “Frankenstein’d” together from various melodies and lyrics I held on to; none of which were initially meant to be paired, yet somehow, made perfect sense together.

We as artists, perhaps, need to be more willing to give up control, allowing the songs to become what they ultimately want to be. This recommendation may seem hippie-trippy, but maybe your song isn’t working because you are forcing something that doesn't need to happen. For instance, what if that beautiful, melodic bridge you’ve been toiling over doesn’t need lyrics? What if you allowed the bridge to be instrumental allowing the verses time to resonate with the listener?

I would also suggest removing distractions while you enter the zone. Artists need boredom to create! Let your mind wander, and see what you find as you get lost in a daydream. The songs are there, you just need to rid yourself of expectations, so that the ideas are permitted to come organically. As in life, art seldom follows a straight path or falls in line to our control-freak demands.

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