Healthy Singing Habits

Healthy singing habits are essential to keeping your voice strong, well, and full of growth! Like a workout plan, singing requires the same amount of planning, training, rest, healthy eating and hydration. Our goal here at Silversong Voice is to ensure you reach and exceed your singing goals while keeping your voice healthy and strong! Here are some simple, but highly beneficial tips for healthy singing:

1. Warm-up & Cool Down

First off, make sure you always warm your voice up and cool it down before and after practice! Think of it as going to workout. Stretching and preparing for your workout is essential as well as your cool down to make sure nothing tenses up. The same goes for singing!

Warm ups are a great way to get your voice comfortable and loosened up before you start singing and a cool down after your practice helps to transition back to your speaking voice. There are various ways to warm-up your voice and some great vocal warm-ups to start off with are easy lip or tongue thrills, helping with your initial airflow and breath.

Apart from warming up your voice, warming up your body to sing is a major part of preparing your voice. Making sure your neck and shoulders are relaxed releases tension and helps with keeping proper posture while singing. With your body and vocal cords relaxed is the best way to start your singing practice. After practice, a good way to cool down your voice is to let out a sigh on a descending note and/or to slide down from your highest note on an “ah” sound to the octave below.

2. Practice Schedule

Keeping a schedule to practice your voice during the week is a great way to ensure you are not only regularly training your voice, but taking care of your voice as well. If you are just starting out singing, 15-20 minutes is great to start off with and you can continually build on the time intervals you practice as you continue singing. A good 30-40 minutes a day practicing is ideal- give and take your warm up and cool down times!

*Additional Note: REST! In your practice, you never want to push your voice too much, but it’s good to use and practice it daily. Just like a rest day when you exercise, take time to rest your voice as well.

3. Drink Water

One of the best ways to keep your voice and vocal cords healthy is to hydrate hydrate hydrate! Ultimately, the more water you drink, the better your vocal cords will feel as well as how your voice will sound. If you feel your vocal cords are dry, keep drinking water and hot teas (but not too hot!) can be a great way to help your vocal cords.

4. Diet

Along with drinking water, your diet can majorly affect how you sing. The relationship between your body and voice goes hand and hand so keeping a healthy balanced diet benefits both! You use your whole body when you sing, from breathing in through your stomach to your posture, so having a healthy diet full of protein as well as staying hydrated helps your body and voice tremendously.

Drinking a lot of carbonation and consuming a lot of sugar and dairy is not the best. Some great snacks for hydration are fruits such as grapes, watermelon, and peaches. Find what foods work best for you to create a healthy diet that you enjoy! Having a regular workout and exercise routine along with a healthy diet and practice schedule keeps you focused and adds to even a more healthy you and a healthy voice!

-We hope these tips encourage and help you create and keep healthy singing habits as you continue to grow your voice!-

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